How to Unlock Secret Armor the Emperor in Bloody Bastards 

How to Unlock Secret Armor the Emperor in Bloody Bastards 

Bloody Bastards is a medieval-style game about battles. It’s a 2D game, where your character’s body is controlled by your fingers. This mechanic is widely-used in all fighting games, but Bloody Bastards stands out among all others. While the game is medieval-style, it offers many types of swords, armors, and shields to opt for. You can unlock them by completing levels and after buying in a shop. These weapons are common, have no special characteristics, and are the most widely used. However, there are special weapons in Bloody Bastard, which you can’t buy in a shop. They are more effective than others but are quite hard to unlock. If you want to achieve a special weapon it will cost you a great amount of time. One of these weapons is the Emperor Armor. So, how to unlock it?

How to the Secret Armor in Bloody Bastards

First of all, you have to play “Holy Roman Empire” to level 500, which is quite a complicated task. Then, you ought to beat the Emperor at level 500. Notice that the Emperor is a powerful boss, therefore, you should be well-prepared to win it. After you beat it successfully, the armor will be unlocked. It’s free, despite it, the stats are pretty impressive and this set looks quite good too. However, there is one disadvantage. When you are using this set, the shield is used as a primary weapon. Therefore, this set is specific in attack stats. However, if you would like to play with the shield as a primary weapon, this set is the best thing that you can use.

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How to Unlock Secret Armor the Emperor in Bloody Bastards 


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