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Best Weapons in Bloody Bastards

Best Weapons in Bloody Bastards

Bloody Bastards is a side-scrolling action fighting game. This game is a unique combination of pixel art, 2D physics, and ragdoll mechanics. You have to hold onto both sides of the screen to control your character body yourself. This mechanic is quite common, it’s used in a variety of other games. But still, this game is quite special because of its wide weapons range.

It offers you more than 100 different weapons, shields, bodies, heads, and legs to create thousands of deadly combinations. While there are so many combinations in the game, it’s logical that they aren’t well-balanced. Some of them are quite more powerful than others. At the same time, going through the progress line, all weapons are nearly the same. A huge difference feels when you compare weapons from the different levels. However, there are still some sets that are more powerful at the same level.

Best Weapon Set in Bloody Bastards

So, the best weapon in the game is a double-handed sword. Most people call it useless because of its stamina usage. However, it’s a question of your experience. In practice, if you are trained with a sword, it will use the same stamina as other weapons. Additionally, it provides the maximum attack range in the game. When talking about armor, you shouldn’t use the shield like other players. When you have good armor and this sword, you can keep your opponent at maximum range and hit it without using a shield. However, you should take care of the armor you use to protect your character as much as possible.

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Best Weapons in Bloody Bastards


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