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How to Unlock PVP in Lost Ark

How to Unlock PVP in Lost Ark

PVP, along with a few other things like end-game raid bosses, is one of the main driving forces of any good MMO. And Smilegate RPG’s Lost Ark is no exception to that. The game features an intricate PVP system that players can unlock relatively early.

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The PVP modes in Lost Ark allow players to engage with other players, increasing their combat knowledge and experience while getting lucrative rewards like Blue Crystals, Coins, and other things. 

In this guide, we talk about how exactly you can unlock the PVP in Lost Ark. 

How to Unlock PVP in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, you can unlock the PVP game mode when you reach LVL 26. When you arrive at the Luterra Castle, continue through the main questline, and it will introduce you to the PVP arena.

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When you unlock PVP in Lost Ark, you get access to a variety of game modes like:

  • Deathmatch 
  • Team Deathmatch 
  • Team Elimination 
  • Competitive Matches
  • Co-Op Battles
  • Custom Game 

The PVP game mode in Lost Ark will scale you to max level, allowing you to distribute skill points and using gear on par with the end game. The scaling allows you to indulge in PVP game modes early in the game without worrying about the grind to get a good rating gear. Or to level up a character to unlock their skills.  

That aside, getting to level 26 to unlock PVP in Lost Ark is very simple. All you have to do is progress the main storyline—and you will reach level 26 in less than a day. 

Also, you can interact with players in combat zones to use the Duel PVP feature. 

Lost Ark is a 2.5D isometric MMORPG currently available on the PC platform. 

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How to Unlock PVP in Lost Ark


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