If you have just started playing Cookie Run: Kingdom, you might wonder—what do you do with all that Roll Cake Wood? Turns out, a lot can be done with those cake logs. In fact, moving forward, you’ll need so much wood that you’ll have to set up Lumberjack Lodge.

The Lumberjack Lodge will probably be the first production unit that you’ll be introduced to. This is one of the staple buildings that you’ll be using a lot in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Cookie Run: Kingdom – How to Get the Lumberjack Lodge?

Before you unlock the Cookie Castle, you will be prompted to install the Lumberjack Lodge. It is part of the tutorial that shows you around the game.

Lumberjack Lodge installed (Image via Cookie Run Kingdom)

To build the Lodge, you need 4000 coins and 2 Roll Cake Wood. The building will be ready in 10 seconds and you can start producing wood. If you’re wondering where to get the Roll Cake Wood, don’t worry—you’ll get a few logs scattered around the map.

At first, when you start producing Roll Cake Wood, you’ll be using it only in the Smithy for making Robust Axe. You’ll soon have excess wood. This is the ideal time to stock up on Roll Cake Wood, as soon you’ll feel the dearth of it.

Lumberjack Lodge Production Options (Image via Cookie Run Kingdom)

Roll Cake Wood is used as a raw material in crafting items, building, and also for fulfilling wishes on the Tree of Wishes.

At level 1, the Lumberjack Lodge makes Roll Cake Wood (3 units) for 30 coins and takes 30 seconds to produce. As you upgrade the building, you can produce Roll Cake Wood Bundle (9 units) and Roll Cake Wood Pile (20 units).

Once you upgrade the Cookie Castle to level 2, you can upgrade the Lumberjack Lodge to level 2. To ramp up the Roll Cake Wood production, you should quickly upgrade the Lumberjack Lodge.

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How to Unlock Lumberjack Lodge in Cookie Run: Kingdom


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