Cookie Run: Kingdom has a bunch of interesting cookies (Sorbet Shark is my personal favorite), but there’s a mischievous red Cookie with horns that steals the show. The Devil Cookie was launched alongside the Red Velvet Cookie.

The rare cookies are as important in the squad as the epic cookies. You need a strong rare cookie to hold off the enemies until the epic cookies cool down. This is a quick guide on how to get the Devil Cookie and add it to your cookie squad.

Cookie Run: Kingdom – How to Get and Use the Devil Cookie

You can unlock the Devil Cookie by drawing from the regular Gacha. You can use a Cookie Cutter (if you have one) or use 300 crystals.

devil cookie
Devil Cookie (Image via Cookie Run Kingdom Fandom)

As the Devil Cookie is rare, the chances of drawing it are 0.380%. For its soul stone, the chances are 2.310%. Overall, the rare cookies have a 37.660% of being drawn, so you’re bound to get the Devil Cookie someday.

Cookie run kingdom devil cookie
Devil Cookie and its Soulstone probability (image via Cookie Run Kingdom)

If you decide to add the Devil Cookie to your squad, the Magic-class Cookie will take a position in the middle. Don’t forget to add the Searing Raspberry or Swift Chocolate topping.

devil cookie in cookie run kingdom
Devil Cookie (Image via Cookie Run Kingdom)

The Devil Cookie is red with black horns and a candy cane pitchfork. Its special power is called ‘Devilish Rune,’ and it deals damage to the enemies standing on the rune. It also reduces their Attack Speed and Movement Speed.

When the Devil Cookie is not running down the lane, they are bad-mouthing the Angel Cookie.

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