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How To Unlock All Weapons In Brotato

How To Unlock All Weapons In Brotato

Brotato is an incredibly fun survival RPG with roguelike elements. In the game, you will play as a brutal Potato who ended up in the alien world after the crash of a spaceship. To survive, you will need to look for different weapons and combine them with items to make them stronger. And in this guide, we will tell you how to unlock all the Weapons in Brotato.

Weapons In Brotato

Playing Brotato you have to fend off waves of aliens. At first, they will be weak, but with each wave, the health and damage of your enemies will increase. Therefore, you must use different Weapons wisely.

Your character can use up to 6 Weapons at the same time. And the game has a huge number of melee and ranged Weapons. Each of them has unique stats and abilities. Moreover, you can collect different sets of Weapons.

Each Weapon in Brotato belongs to one of the sets, such as Explosive, Blade, Medieval, etc. And the bigger your set, the higher bonuses you will get. But of course, you can combine multiple sets, depending on your playing style and luck.

However, you won’t be able to use all of the Weapons in the game from the start. First, you will need to unlock all the characters, and then you can unlock new Weapons. Fortunately, this can be done quite simply.

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How To Unlock All Brotato Weapons

WeaponTypeHow to Unlock
ChopperMeleeYou must win the run as Multitasker.
Thunder SwordMeleeYou must win the run as Mage.
Power FistMeleeYou must win the run as Brawler.
Plasma Sledgehammer IIIMeleeYou must win the run as  Knight.
Spiky ShieldMeleeYou must win the run as Masochist.
HatchetMeleeYou must win the run as Wilding.
Obliterator IIIRangedYou must win the run as Demon.
Nuclear Launcher IIIRangedYou must win the run as Soldier.
Potato ThrowerRangedYou must win the run as Chunky.
Sniper GunRangedYou must win the run as Hunter.

That’s all you need to know about unlocking all Weapons in Brotato. Follow our advice, and you will be able to use any Weapon in the game. And while you are here, take a look at our guide on how to unlock all Items in Brotato.

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How To Unlock All Weapons In Brotato


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