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How to Unlock All Characters in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Check out our guide to find out how to unlock every character in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk and hire them for your crew

There are many characters to unlock and choose from in the indie adventure game Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. Some of these crew members are unlocked while playing while others are only available post-game, making completing the main Bomb Rush Cyberfunk story all that more exciting! check out the full list of characters and how to unlock each one below.

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Unlocking every Character in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

There are five characters to unlock in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk… well six, actually, but there is one particular pair who come together. Post-game, after you complete the main story, there are an amazing 12 (15 if you include the two sets of pairs!) more to unlock. Let’s explore exactly how to unlock each one:

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CharacterHow to Unlock
RaveMain Story
Can be recruited at the Verdum Hills Subway stop. Complete three trials to hire her.
ShineMain Story
Go to Millennium Mall food court area. Imitate Shine’s dance, follow her through the mall until you finally reach the warehouse.
Vinyl & SolanceMain Story
Finish the main story to recruit these two.
MeshMain Story
Find Mesh in the Brink Terminal and complete his challenge. Find him again near the tower nearby and beat his score battle. Go through the tunnel to the canal and finish the final battle for Mesh.
RiseMain Story
At the Pyramid Island, take pictures of Rise then climb the bridge above her. She will text you to say you need to climb the entire building. Get another photo of her near the spiral then finally tag a location.
CoilPost Game
In an alley in Mataan, find Coil and copy his dance. Go to a gold statue and receive a text saying Coil is on an island in the river. Get to the island then travel to the strip’s entrance to receive another text. Find him in Mataan to be challenged by him at the gold statue. Complete his challenge to get an invitation to join him.
Flesh PrincePost Game
Find him in Mataan and copy his dance.
FrankPost Game
Find him at the plaza near the summit of the Verdum Hills. Complete his challenge.
RietveldPost Game
Go to the basketball court near Frank’s refuge. Complete the boss fight with the police then speak to Rietveld. Defeat police drones and other police to then be able to recruit her.
FuturismPost Game
Go to Mataan and find Futurism near the large gold statue. Complete her challenge.
DOT EXEPost Game
Go to the Theater Hall and find him at the entrance. Complete his challenge.
DJ CyberPost Game
Grind billboards at Millennium Square and find the building where DJ Cyber can be found. Beat his challenge and hire him.
EclipsePost Game
Find him at Brink Terminal. Complete her challenge.
Devil TheoryPost Game
Devil Theory will take you to Pyramid Island 2nd level where you will complete his challenge.
OldheadPost Game
Tag every graffiti location in the city.
Felix & RedPost Game
Find them on a dancefloor post-game.
Base & JayPost Game
Purchase the $5 Base & Jay DLC.
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How to Unlock All Characters in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk