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How to Use Taxis – Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

How to Use Taxis – Bomb Rush Cyberfunk
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New Amsterdam is not a small city, as there are five boroughs for the Bomb Rush Crew to conquer. No matter how fun it is to grind, boost, and jump your way through the different locales of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, sometimes you just want to get to where you need to go quickly. That’s where the taxi system comes in—there are taxi sign posts scattered around that can act as fast travel points. Here is how to use taxis in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

Unlocking and using taxis in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

As you blast your way through New Amsterdam, you may come across a taxi sign. Stopping next to it and interacting with it will unlock that sign as a taxi destination, which is essentially this game’s form of fast travel.

Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

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So, how does one exactly use these taxis? Well, for starters, we need someone to actually drive the taxi, so head back to Millennium Square. After a certain point in the main story, a taxi driver surrounded by the police should show up in the big open area in the center of the map. We’re not really sure at what point in the story he shows up, as we stumbled upon him on accident, so just keep checking back.

Beat up the police around the taxi driver to save him, which unlocks the taxi system. From this point forward, whenever you find a taxi sign, be sure to interact with it to unlock that as a point. Then, when you want to hail a cab, simply start dancing next to the sign. Any dance works!

The taxi will show up after you bust out your sick moves, and you can fast travel to any other taxi signs you have visited. Be sure to keep a mental note of where the taxi signs you use the most are because they are unfortunately not marked on your phone’s map.

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How to Use Taxis – Bomb Rush Cyberfunk