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How to Switch to Skates in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

How to Switch to Skates in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk
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The Bomb Rush Crew is taking New Amsterdam by storm, whether that’s by bike, rollerblades, or skateboards! In Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, Red and the Bomb Rush Crew can blaze through the streets using whatever equipment they want, provided you have it unlocked. Though, it’s not immediately obvious how to change up your gear, here is how to switch to skates in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

Switching to skates in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

During the prologue to Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, Faux breaks out with the help of Tryce, and you get a temporary pair of inline skates. You’ll get to use them for the remainder of Chapter 1, but once you’re done, you lose them in the following chaos.

Once chapter 2 starts, Faux—or should we say Red—will only have access to skateboards. You have to play the rest of chapter 2 with just the skateboard but don’t worry, as you unlock the skates a little into chapter 3.

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With the skates now properly unlocked, return to the Bomb Rush Crew’s hideout and enter the mini-garage next to the main platform. You should see some of your other gear sitting on the floor.

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Once you’re in the garage, approach the skates on the floor and interact with them. The game asks if you want to switch to skates, so go ahead and say yes. If you have unlocked multiple styles and designs, you can also pick one you like. If you’ve never unlocked another style, you can find them hidden throughout the game in various secret spots. You’ll have to look high and low if you want to find them!

Confirm your gear selection and your character should come out of the garage equipped with their new gear. Remember that you can press LB at any time to put on or take off your gear.

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How to Switch to Skates in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk