I’ve been playing a lot of Angry Birds Fight lately and I am sure you did the same. Once of the biggest challenges in the game (except for getting to a Winning Streak of 10+) is unlocking all the birds in Angry Birds Fight and in case you are having trouble with that or wondering what do you have to do to unlock them, I am here to help you with that.

Don’t forget to also check out our Angry Birds Fight tips and tricks article – and once you do, move on to see how to unlock all characters in Angry Birds Fight!

Red – This is the Default character and he’s unlocked when you start the game.

Chuck – You unlock him by playing. I don’t remember exactly what stage you have to complete to get him, but you will get him soon after starting the game!

The Blues – I didn’t write down what you need to do to unlock them, but I did get them immediately after finishing 3-1, so that might be what you need to do in order to unlock them.

Bomb – You need to get 30 items in order to unlock the Bomb. Items are rewarded to you randomly during gameplay, but especially after defeating Pigs for the first time or mastering the boss fights.

Matilda – It takes some time to get her: you need to master ten Challenge Battles (Pig boss battles) in order to unlock her.

Stella – You need 10 friends to unlock her. Make sure you connect your game to Facebook and add your friends to the game, and you will get her easily. If you don’t have friends playing Angry Birds Fight, you can share your Facebook profile ID below and you will get them!

So this is all that you have to do in order to unlock all the birds in the game. Not very difficult, so keep on fighting and you will get there soon!



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