Rovio have launched Angry Birds Fight to the App Store and their take on the match three fighting genre is simply amazing thanks to the multiplayer match system that takes everything to a whole new level. So exactly when I thought that the match three fighting games can’t be improved anymore, a simple new feature injects new life and takes the experience to the new level.

But we’re not here to praise the game – even though it deserves all our praise – and instead we’ll focus on ways to keep your winning streak up with the help of our Angry Birds Fight cheats and tips. Learn everything there is to learn about the game, most importantly, learn how to win more often than your opponents. So let’s check out TTP’s Angry Birds Fight tips and tricks below!

1. Keep the combos running because they increase your stats even more. In order to do so, remember that you can keep matching as soon as you’ve completed a match: so don’t wait for the new tiles to fall in on the board: keep matching in other areas to keep your combo meter high and get a mega boost to your stats.

2. Keep your birds away from the battlefield for a while and you will get them fired up, which gives them a small boost in the next battle. This can prove extremely useful, so don’t forget to actually get back to the birds you haven’t used and take advantage of this boost.

3. Make matches at the bottom first because this increases your chances of getting more combos. The key, however, is to match as often as possible: since the time is limited, unlike in most other match three games, you don’t really have the option to spend your time thinking for the best matches. In other words, any type of match is better than none, so even though it would be ideal for you to focus on the tiles matching your character, speed and quantity are usually better.

Try to go, though, for the 4 and 5 tiles matches whenever possible and whenever in doubt or unable to see a match, quickly do the one automatically recommended by the system. I personally tried in two battles to only do the matches recommended by the system and I won one of those battles. It’s clearly better if you do all the work since you can find better options, but this proves what I have already said: any match is better than none!

4. Enhance your top items (those that you get usually from Diamond purchases) because those are items that you will most likely keep equipped for a longer period of time. There’s no point in spending valuable coins on items that you will soon replace with better quality ones.

5. Sell your unwanted items as soon as you get better ones. There’s really no point in keeping them unless they offer similar boosts and you want to test their special effects and see which one performs better. But usually, as soon as you get an item with improved stats, everything below that is obsolete and useless.

6. Watch videos before boss battles (pig battles) and you will get an attack boost. You could also keep the boosts for the challenges if the boss battles are still easy and always make sure that your raft has the best equipment possible too (simply tap the raft on your island map to check it out). Have in mind that some types of equipment give you some boosts depending on who’s the ship captain – and you can choose that too by simply tapping the bird you want to select as captain above the ship items.

7. Level up your angry birds evenly. You will certainly have a favorite, but it’s a good idea to level up your birds evenly in case you need a specific bird for a specific mission. In other words, choose a day when you won’t really care about winning streaks and instead focus on playing with the birds you haven’t played too often and get them to the same level as your other birds.

8. Don’t spend the diamonds on energy refills. Energy automatically refills after some time, so there’s really no need for you to be in a hurry. Save your diamonds for the special items, because they will help you more in the long run than a quick battle now!

These would be, for now, our Angry Birds Fight tips and tricks. If you have more or you want specific help, let us know by commenting below!


  1. I do not understand, how is possible to lose a fight if I have ss an s items with 3 stars!, oponent has les stronger items, I metch mych more 4 and 5 birds avatars, and at the end I have cca shield= 250, he has 400-500, …I lost a metch?! How it that possible? Happen to me all the time. I play 10 metches, lost 9 of them ?! Is it a BUG in the game or?
    Thank for answer in advance


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