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How to Turn Off Fandom in Holocure

This is how to turn off Fandom in Holocure.

Holocure is an incredibly fun game where you battle a hoard of enemies while playing as one of the idols from Hololive – as of right now, the first two generations of Hololive English are there, along with the first two generations of Hololive Japan, and all of Hololive Indonesia. The goal in the game is simple, defeating the enemies without dying and beating the big boss to clear the stage and unlock characters through the gacha. Any Hololive fan will enjoy it. In particular, we’ll be discussing the Fandom system today. This is how to turn off Fandom in Holocure.

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How To Use Fandom In Holocure

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If you’re not acclimated to this style of gaming, it might be difficult for you at first. Recently, a feature was added to the game called Fandom, where you can get boosts that you’d normally get through gameplay by collecting achievements. These achievements allow you to get special bonuses that make going past the difficulty curve of the game significantly easier.

The thing is a lot of people may find this advantage makes the game way too easy in a game where part of the fun is the challenge. In the end, it’s up to the player what they want to do. However, let’s say you already purchased the feature, is there a way to remove or disable it? Absolutely.

How To Turn Off Fandom In Holocure

Players with buyer’s remorse will want to go back to the shop in the spot they purchased it from and choose whether they want to turn it off or on. It’s simple as that.

Note that you will not lose any achievements if you disable it, they will be reinstated as soon as you put it back on. You should look at the feature as less of a hand holder and more of something to ease you into the game. Holocure should be friendly for players of every skill, and Fandom helps with that.

You can download Holocure for free on the Steam store today!

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How to Turn Off Fandom in Holocure