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How to Unlock Holohouse in Holocure

How to Unlock Holohouse in Holocure

Grinding away at enemies in Holocure is fun but you know what’s even more fun? Having a chill time with your favorite idols. Did you ever wonder what it would be like to see them interacting in a different scenario together? In the latest update of Holocure, you can do just that thanks to the new Holohouse feature, where the characters on your roster will hang out in a passive format. Here, you can play little games and have unique conversations with the characters. This is how to unlock the Holohouse in Holocure.

How To Get The Holohouse In Holocure

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Unlocking the Holohouse is extremely simple. To access it, all you have to do is beat the very first stage of the game, the Grassy Plains. This is a pretty easy stage since it’s the first one, you’ll encounter enemies based on mascots of early Hololive members. This includes the Takodachis, Shrimps, Deadbeats, Gators, etc. To clear the stage, you have to beat one of the bosses, which is usually either Fubukizilla or Smol Ame.

How To Use The Holohouse For Resources In Holocure

The Holohouse contains a lot of great features that will give you an advantage in the main game. Characters can fish, cook, and farm crops. There’s a pond for fishing and a planting area on the opposite side for crops. Cooking is done with the resources collected from the farming minigames. You’ll unlock recipes as you collect different ingredients through the process. Cooked items will give you combat advantages in the main game.

How To Hire Workers In Holocure

Are you an offhand player? Is the slice of life aspect not really for you and you just want to get to sweaty gaming? Another feature of Holohouse is being able to hire workers to do jobs for you, where they can earn currency that you can use for other things in the game. As long as you treat them well and regularly feed them, they will keep passively earning income for you.

If you’re a Hololive fan and haven’t checked out Holocure, what are you waiting for? It’s free, it’s fun and a great challenge for anyone. You can even download it on Steam now!

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How to Unlock Holohouse in Holocure