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How to Get Golden Hammer in Holocure

How to Get Golden Hammer in Holocure

If you’re a Hololive fan, you know that one of the, if not the, best Holocure players in the company is probably Hololive Indonesia’s third-generation member Kaela Kovalskia. This super gamer blacksmith knocks out the most challenging modes with ease.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that the developer always puts in easter eggs dedicated to her. One of the most recent is the Golden Hammer, a special item that is important for the creation of super collabs. These are signature powerful weapons helpful for later game stages with stronger enemies. They’re not difficult to get but do take some skill. This is how to get Golden Hammer in Holocure.

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How To Get A Golden Anvil In Holocure

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A Golden Hammer is one of the catalysts required to make the Super Collab, the other being the Golden Anvil. To get a Golden Anvil, you have to combine together two weapons that are maxed out and compatible. The way the weapon system works in the game is that you unlock them in various ways – by clearing certain stages with certain characters, by getting certain achievements, or by default. Putting together two weaker weapons will make a stronger weapon. Each time you fuse together the high-tier weapons, there is a chance a Golden Anvil will appear. It’s just a matter of how long you’ve been playing on a particular map for.

How To Get A Golden Hammer In Holocure

To get a Golden Hammer, there are some prerequisites you need. This includes:

  • Being at least level 50
  • An Eligible Weapon
  • Have Three Or More Collabs (Weapon Combinations)

These requirements need to be done in a particular order. You’ll know you’ve made the right steps when you see a golden object start showing up on the upper right side of the game map. It will change when you get your next fuse-made weapon. The next change will happen once you get to level 50, where the Golden Hammer will show up on the ground for you to grab. You can bypass the level requirement if you do another weapon fusion and get the Golden Hammer automatically. The option is yours and the style of how you play the game.

With a Golden Hammer, you can make the most powerful Super Collab weapon that will destroy any enemy. You might not be as good as Kaela, but you’ll be pretty close.

You can download Holocure today on the Steam store!

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How to Get Golden Hammer in Holocure