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All Collabs and Super Collabs in HoloCure List | All Weapons

In this comprehensive guide, you can learn all about Collabs and Super Collabs in HoloCure with a list of all weapons.

The recent HoloCure 0.6 update brings a wealth of fresh content to the beloved roguelike inspired by Hololive Vtubers. This update also marks the game’s debut on Steam. And a standout feature of HoloCure 0.6 is the introduction of new Collabs and Super Collabs.

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By fully upgrading two weapons, you can merge them to form a Collab. In a similar way, combining a maxed Collab weapon with its corresponding item creates a powerful Super Collab weapon. In this guide, we have listed all weapons, Collabs, and Super Collabs available in HoloCure.

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All Collab Weapons in HoloCure

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After unlocking two weapons with an available Collab, you need to upgrade them to at least level 7 to unlock Golden Anvil. When a Golden Anvil spawns in, you can combine two weapons to make a Collab. Here are all the Collabs you can make in HoloCure:

Collab First Weapon Second Weapon
Absolute Wall Bounce Ball Cutting Board
BL Fujoshi BL Book Psycho Axe
Bone Bros. Cutting Board EN’s Curse
Breathe-In Type Asacoco Holo Bomb Plug Type Asacoco
Broken Dreams CEO’s Tears Spider Cooking
Dragon Fire Fan Beam Plug Type Asacoco
Eldritch Horror EN’s Curse Spider Cooking
Elite Cooking Elite Lava Bucket Spider Cooking
Flattening Board Cutting Board Holo Bomb
Frozen Sea BL Book Wamy Water
Idol Concert Glowstick Idol Song
I’m Die, Thank You Forever Holo Bomb X-Potato
Light Beam Fan Beam Glowstick
MiComet Elite Lava Bucket Psycho Axe
MiKorone Elite Lava Bucket X-Potato
Rap Dog Idol Song X-Potato
Ring Of Fitness Bounce Ball CEO’s Tears
Snow Flower Sake Glowstick Wamy Water
Stream Of Tears CEO’s Tears Fan Beam
Crescent Bardiche Idol Song Psycho Axe
Curse Ball Bounce Ball EN’s Curse
Legendary Sausage BL Book Sausage
Lightning Wiener Plug Type Asacoco Sausage

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All Super Collab Weapons in HoloCure

Once you have unlocked three Collabs, you get to combine Collabs with certain items to make Super Collabs. Alternatively, you can also grind to level 50 to unlock Super Collab weapons. Here are all the Super Collabs you can craft in HoloCure:

Super Collab Collab Item needed
Holy Fire Dragon Fire Gorilla’s Paw
Idol Live Idol Concert Idol Costume
Jingisukan Elite Cooking Uber Sheep
Snow Queen Snow Flower Sake Sake

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All Starter and Basic Weapons in HoloCure

Every HoloCure characters starts out with a starter weapon. Here are all the start weapons and characters who use them:

Weapon Character
Pistol Shot Amelia Watson
Trident Thrust Gawr Gura
Summon Tentacle Ninomae Ina’nis
Phoenix Sword Takanashi Kiara
Scythe Swing Calliope Mori
Play Dice Hakos Baelz
Clock Hands Ouro Kronii
Nature Shield Ceres Fauna
Bird Feather Nanashi Mumei
Orbit Tsukumo Sana
Nephilim Blast IRyS
Fox Tail Shirakami Fubuki
Tarot Cards Ookami Mio
Onigiri Nekomata Okayu
Orayo! Inugami Korone
Bright Star Tokino Sora
Diva Song AZKi
Hi-Spec Pistol Roboco-san
Axe Swing Hoshimachi Suisei
Sakura Gohei Sakura Miko
Red Heart Akai Haato
Kapu Kapu Yozora Mel
Ebifrion Natsuiro Matsuri
Aik Aki Rosenthal
Baseball Pitch Oozora Subaru
Love Needle Yuzuki Choco
Murasaki Bolt Murasaki Shion
Dual Katana Nakiri Ayame
Cleaning Broom Minato Aqua
Paint Brush Airani Iofifteen
Crescent Moon Moona Hoshinova
Nuts Ayunda Risu
Path of Sincerity Kureiji Ollie
Peafowl Feathers Pavolia Reine
Keris Anya Melfissa
Silencer Pistol Vestia Zeta
Blacksmith Hammer Kaela Kovalskia
Umbrella Kobo Kanaeru

Apart from starter weapons, every character can use a bunch of basic weapons:

  • BL Book
  • Bounce Ball
  • CEO’s Tears
  • Cutting Board
  • Elite Lava Bucket
  • EN’s Curse
  • Fan Beam
  • Glowstick
  • Holo Bomb
  • Idol Song
  • Plug Type Asacoco
  • Psycho Axe
  • Sausage
  • Spider Cooking
  • Wamy Water
  • X-Potato

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HoloCure has a rich arsenal of weapons for you to pick from. If you enjoy watching HoloLive Vtubers, then you will love all the references in HoloCure. Every weapon draws inspiration from the HoloLive universe, skillfully displaying the distinct personalities of the Vtubers through their descriptions and abilities.

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All Collabs and Super Collabs in HoloCure List | All Weapons