How to Turn Off Auto Lock in Pokemon Unite


Pokemon Unite is a relatively new MOBA game that was released on Nintendo Switch. Giving this fact it has an auto-targeting system where most of your attacks and skills hit automatically in a determined direction. The problem is that you hardly can control this and many players are frustrated with this system.

Hate toward the auto-lock in Pokemon Unite from a player that used to play other MOBAs on PC is quite understandable. The game can drive you into a situation where you are unable to hit the enemy you want and instead of it launch your Unite Move into some Wild Pokemon. This situation is very annoying and you may want to change it somehow. This guide will tell you if there is an opportunity to turn off auto-lock in Pokemon Unite and how to do it.

How to Turn Off Auto Lock

Unfortunately, but there are no ways to turn off auto-lock in Pokemon Unite completely. The problem is the construction of the Nintendo Switch and its controls. It will be very difficult to aim with sticks and other stuff, so auto-lock appears to be needed. However, you still can change its settings and make it more comfortable.

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How to Change Auto Lock Settings in Pokemon Unite

There are few things you can do with auto-lock in Pokemon Unite. Our first recommendation is to change it to Advanced Controls. It will allow you to enable auto-targeting with two different buttons. The first button will aim at the opposing Pokemon over the others, while the second button will aim at the Wild Pokemon. Also, you can choose which of the targets from the same group in your range will be aimed first. We recommend you to choose the option to enable Lowest Remaining HP (Value) Lock-On Priority.

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How to Turn Off Auto Lock in Pokemon Unite


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