In BitLife, professional sports players interact with their opponents from time to time. Once you click the button “Age,” sometimes you will get the possibility to trash talk to the other pro athletes. This happens randomly if you are a part of a professional sports organization (e.g., the opponents can insult your team’s performance during the basketball or a football game) and are trying to complete some challenges (like Mamba one). In your turn, you will also be able to revenge with an insult. Your additional options on how to act further are:

  • You can attack your opponents.
  • You can ignore them.
  • You a flaunt them.

If you have hard times with trash-talking in Mamba Challenge, the only thing you can do to succeed in this task is consistently taking part in the basketball tournaments and hoping to get the opportunity to trash talk.

A potential option to push for trash-talking is the following: you may age up; after that, close out the app at the moment when some random event happens. This will lead to your character not aging up. So, you might get a second chance to trash talk. You can repeat these actions until you get the option to trash talk.

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​Consequences of Trash Talking in Bitlife

As we have already mentioned, you will be getting random opportunities to trash talk in-between seasons. When you are on the crest of the wave, you will be involved in multiple competitions, and pretty often, the opponents will tend to throw multiple insults at you, and the consequences may be unpleasant. For example, they may attack and injure you. Injuries lead to prolonged off-time. This will negatively impact your fame, fitness levels, and even greatness (the impact will last for a short time). So, in general, the effect will be minimal.

To sum everything up, you cannot predict when you get the opportunity to trash talk. Still, once you get it, make sure not to lose a chance!

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