If you are new to BitLife, it may be hard for you to understand Karma. Usually, it seems to be quite puzzling stats for the newcomers. Still, it is better to maximize this statistic as its task is to track a couple of things. Originally Karma is hidden. Still, when a character dies, it is revealed. In this article, we will cover what you should do with this statistic.
Like all the other stats, while playing, you will notice your Karma increasing or decreasing from time to time. If your Karma is high in BitLife, there is one huge benefit that you will get: it will help you to extend the length of your life and also to get well sooner if you became sick. So, it is beneficial to get maximum from Karma.

What Influences Your Karma?

There are a couple of things that influence this stat (raise and lower it). There is nothing special about your actions; you will need to do the same things you usually do in the game. The rule is simple: if your efforts are positive, you will increase your Karma. If your actions are evil, you will decrease it. As simple as this!

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Let us give you several hints on how to make this stat higher:

  • In case you have insulted someone, please apologize.
  • You may serve in the military.
  • Be involved in charity.
  • Help other characters in the game.
  • Save everyone who is in danger during events.
  • Give gifts to the other characters.
  • If you notice any crimes, call the police.
  • Take care of your Mind and Body statistic.

    And if you do things from the list below, this will lower your Karma:
  • To avoid funerals.
  • To be insulting to the other characters.
  • To take drugs.
  • To commit crimes.
  • To knowingly spread any diseases.
  • To cheat on your game partners.

So, follow our pieces of advice and live long in BitLife!

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