How to Trade Items in MIR4

How to Trade Items in MIR4

MIR4 is a new mobile MMORPG that appears to be one of the most interesting releases in this genre nowadays. In most games like this, trading is a very important part of the interaction between players. Also, it serves as a great source of the items you need but can’t get. MIR4 has its own trade market as well. There you can trade your items in order to get some gold or buy something you need. This guide will tell you how to trade items in MIR4.

Trade Market in MIR4

Trading mechanics in MIR4 basically is not different from those you might have seen in other MMORPGs. The first thing you need to do is to find the menu you are going to trade in. Just open the game’s main menu and press the Market button. It will open to you the game’s market where you can trade.

If you open your inventory, you can see tradable items there. You are able to determine these by a white scales picture in the left top corner of the item’s icon. If you see it, then it means that this item is tradable. However, you can just go to the market menu and see all the items you can trade there.

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In order to trade something, you will need to open the Register Sales menu. There you will be able to choose the item you want to sell. Then, you will see a Total Sale Price for this item that will be automatically set to some number. You can change it and try to sell your item for a higher price, or make the price lower and sell it faster. After you set the price, you will need to pay a little copper to put the item on the market. You can have up to 30 items selling and all of them have an expiration date. When it is expired you will need to recall the offering and put it on the market again. Also, the market will take a little fee when someone will buy your item.

If you want to buy something, you just need to open the Search menu and find the item you want. Then pay for it with gold and get the item.

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How to Trade Items in MIR4


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