MIR4 is a new mobile MMORPG that was released recently. Like many games of this genre, it has many variable classes, equipment, and mounts. Today we are going to talk about the last ones. In many different MMORPGs mounts always were an object of adoration. They improve your mobility and some of them look beautiful. However, MIR4 is a new game and there are not so many mounts in it. But new players struggle to get even their first horse and we are here to help you. This guide will tell you how to get a horse in MIR4 and how to ride it.

How to Get a Mount in MIR4

In order to get a mount in MIR4, you will need to open the game’s menu and click on the Character button. In the Character tab, you need to go into the Mount section. There you will see a list of available mounts and almost all of them are obtainable only via paying some gold. However, there is a mount called Brown Horse and you can get it with a special coupon. You will obtain this item with one of the main quests. Just follow the main story and you will be able to get your first mount.

How to Summon a Mount in MIR4

When you obtain your first mount in MIR4, you may want to try to ride it. In most MMORPG games you just need to use some kind of a mount summoning button. In MIR4 you can find this button in the left bottom corner. It is hard to miss as it has the icon with a running horse. However, when you press this button it says to you that you have no mounts to ride.

In case you can’t mount a horse even though you have one, there is a thing you might have missed. In order to make your mount work, you need to go to the Mount menu and choose the one you want to ride. Then you have to press the Mount button. By doing this you will make this mount active.

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How to Get a Horse Mount in MIR4


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