How to Track Virginia in Sons of the Forest – Guide


If you head to Twitter or gaming forums, you might notice that people complain that Virginia can disappear. The best way to prevent this situation and avoid getting in trouble is to keep Virginia on track. Read this guide to find out how to track Virginia in Sons of the Forest. Moreover, we will talk about Virginia and her personality before she got on the island.

Tracking Virginia in Sons of the Forest

Virginia is afraid of weapons and taking damage. She will run away from you and vanish from the island even if you accidentally hit her. Virginia can return only once you complete a whole day/night cycle. Still, it is not guaranteed. 

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If you want to avoid getting into trouble with your companion, you must give her a GPS Tracker. Approach Virginia and press E on your keyboard to open the NPC Inventory. After that, head to the weapons menu and left-click on GPS Tracker in your inventory. It will be automatically equipped to Virginia. Doing it will make Virginia visible on the particular portable map and unlock the achievement “Every move you make.”

And if you already lost Virginia and want to get her back, the only working option is to load the previous save file you made while playing Sons of the Forest. You will lose progression in the main story, but you will bring Virginia back, which seems to be way more important.

Who is Virginia?

Virginia is the gorgeous 21-year-old daughter of Edward and Barbara Puffton. She has gotten lost on the island, and their parents are still trying to find her. Despite the terrible mutations, she has a human nature that cannot be taken apart by her physical appearance. 

That’s it with tracking Virginia in Sons of the Forest. As you can see, you need to put the GPS Tracker inside the NPC Inventory if you want to track Virginia in Sons of the Forest. And while you are here, make sure to check our guide on how to heal Kelvin in Sons of the Forest.

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How to Track Virginia in Sons of the Forest – Guide


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