How to Teleport To Where You Last Died in Minecraft

an enderman and ender pearl in minecraft

Every Minecraft player has experienced the struggle of dying on a map somewhere far away from their main base. It is particularly a struggle when you have valuable items on you such as diamonds. You worked very hard to get those and it doesn’t feel good to lose them. However, there is a trick you can use to go back to the spot you died so that you can get your items. This is how to teleport to where you last died in Minecraft.

What To Bring In Case You Die

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Before you learn the trick, it’s important to know some tips on what to do when you go on long adventures in order to keep your things safe. If you’re expecting you may die, make sure to bring a bed with you so that you can create a spawn point that won’t be too far away from your items. If possible, leave your valuable things at home. Make sure to have plenty of food items on hand to repair your hearts. This is especially important if you plan to go to The End because it can be very dangerous there.

What You Need To Teleport

Collecting ender pearls in Minecraft.

To make this method work, you’re going to need some ender pearls. You can get these by killing endermen. There is about a fifty percent chance they’ll drop one, so you should be able to get a few pretty easily. Next, this is how to use them. If you’re dying, you toss a pearl up into the air right before your hearts run out. You’ll of course spawn back to where you last slept. Note that the pearl will still be moving even when you die. Once the pearl lands on a solid block, you will be teleported right over to where the pearl landed. This is especially helpful if you need an item but don’t want to travel all the way back to your home base. Use this tip, and you’ll have a better chance of saving your items.

By using ender pearls, the stress of losing valuables in Minecraft will be greatly decreased.

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How to Teleport To Where You Last Died in Minecraft


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