What is the Teleport Command in Minecraft? Answered

Minecraft is one of the most famous and well-known sandbox adventure games nowadays. There are lots of instruments that allow you to see in-game content and make a server administrative process simpler. Today we are going to talk about one of these instruments, the console commands. This guide will tell you about Teleport Command in Minecraft.

What is the Teleport Command in Minecraft?

There are lots of different commands in Minecraft that you can enter in chat and get the result you want. Teleport Command allows you to teleport a designated object into a designated area. There are plenty of Teleport Commands in Minecraft with different purposes. Now we are going to tell you about them.

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Teleport Commands in Minecraft

As was mentioned above, different Teleport Commands exist in Minecraft. They give you different possibilities and serve specific purposes. Here is the list of them:

/Tp <location (x) (y) (z)> – This command will teleport a player that used it into a designated location. The Teleport Command uses x-y-z axes to set the coordinates. For example, a command like </tp 60 50 80> will send you to these coordinates. You will appear in a block that horizontally locates at the point with x=60, z=80, and vertically it is located at point y=50 that means the height.

/Tp <destination> – This command will teleport you to a designated entity. You need to write a player’s name, or some special entity name, target’s UUID, etc. For example, a command, like </tp Mr.X> will send you to the player or entity with the name Mr.X.

/Tp <(target) (destination/location)> – This command allows you to teleport not yourself, but the entity you want to relocate. For example, a command like </tp Mr.X 121 67 32> will send a player named Mr.X into a location with coordinates x=121, z=32, and y=67.

/Tp <(target) (destination/location) (yRot) (xRot)> – This command allows you to choose the way the designated entity will be rotated after teleport. <yRot> and <xRot> are the way to choose the axes of rotation. For example, a command like </tp Mr.X 33 21 47 180 -90> will send a player named Mr.X to a point with coordinates x=33, z=47, and y=21. Also, Mr.X will be facing North as you chose 180 degrees to turn him with the y-axis, and he will be looking down as you chose -90 degrees with the x-axis. Also, in this command instead of x/y-axis you can put <facing (any entity name/Mrs.T)>, and Mr.X will be facing Mrs.T or any designated entity.

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