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How to Team Up in the Goblin Caves in Dark and Darker

How to Team Up in the Goblin Caves in Dark and Darker

Players can queue up for three different modes in Dark and Darker, one of which throws you into the Goblin Caves, accessible only through solo queue. This means that you can’t bring your friends in with you—but you can still make friends during the match. In this guide, you can learn how to team up in the Goblin Caves in Dark and Darker.

Teaming up in Dark and Darker’s Goblin Caves

Goblin Caves is a new experimental game mode in Dark and Darker. The map is generally a little smaller than the standard castle, but the biggest difference between it and other maps is that it’s solo queue only.

Technically, you can’t head into the Goblin Caves with a premade team. You can, however, queue up at the same time as your friends and hope that you both get into the same instance. This rarely works, but it’s something to try if you’re desperate.

The most important thing you should try to do, though, is make friends with strangers during the match. Although the Goblin Caves are solo queue only, the game is still pretty much the same, so you’ll encounter random players throughout the map.

To no one’s surprise, there are lots of goblins in the Goblin Caves.

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The Goblin Caves mode has a lower player cap than the normal mode, so you encounter fewer players. This means you need to try making some buddies at any chance you get.

If you see another player who isn’t immediately hostile towards you, try crouching rapidly. For some hilarious reason, spamming crouch is universally seen as the “peace treaty” emote: if a player crouches rapidly back at you, that’s almost always a sign that they’re not looking for a fight.

This works even better if you have in-game voice chat enabled. Set it to proximity, and you’ll hear voices from players around you. You can try talking to them to work something out—teaming up is a great way to keep each other safe to until the end.

We have to say, in our own experience, most of the players we encountered in Goblin Caves weren’t looking for a fight. Since the map is a bit smaller and the time limit is shorter, the matches tend to be quicker, which makes it perfect for gaining loot and items.

Because of this, most players don’t want to fight anyone and would rather get out with all their loot intact. You can team up to fight monsters, ward off any other would-be hostile players, and help each other secure Escape Portals. Your odds are better when working together!

That concludes our guide on how to team up in the Goblin Caves in Dark and Darker. If you have any other tips or questions, let us know in the comments below.

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How to Team Up in the Goblin Caves in Dark and Darker


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