Best Weapons to Use in Dark and Darker


Dark and Darker is an upcoming fantasy FPS title, which you can play with friends as a demo for now. There, you need to explore various dungeons, participate in some exciting activities, and encounter many dangerous creatures. Of course, if you want to beat them, you need a decent weapon. With this guide, you can learn about the best weapons to use in Dark and Darker.

Best weapons in Dark and Darker

There are lots of different weapons you can use in Dark and Darker. Some of these are better than others, though, and that is why we are ranking the best among them. Let’s take a look at these deadly equipments.

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5. Flanged Mace

Flanged Mace is a nice one-handed weapon for fighters and clerics. It deals a decent amount of damage and allows you to defeat your enemies really fast.

4. Spellbook

Spellbook is a two-handed magical weapon that can be used by wizards and clerics. It allows you to move faster than staff users, a very important feature for casters.

3. Rapier

Entering the realm of rogue weapons, Rapier can be used by rogues and rangers, two classes known for their agility and speed. Rapier is the deadliest weapon for them.

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2. Double Axe

Barbarian is a cool class that has lots of unique weapons, but the best among them is called Double Axe, and it deals a lot of damage. With help of this weapon, you get to defeat all your enemies and clear the dungeon solo.

1. Crystal Sword

Crystal Sword is a melee weapon for wizards, and it is extremely strong. Most players use this class as some kind of backline damage dealer. However, with Crystal Sword, you will be able to deal tons of damage in melee, which makes your wizard more versatile.

As you can see, the game has a huge list of weapons, and these are the best among them. Good luck on your further adventures!

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Best Weapons to Use in Dark and Darker


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