Best Class for Solo Dungeon – Dark and Darker Guide

Best Class for Solo Dungeon - Dark and Darker Guide

Dark and Darker features 6 unique classes that are suitable for specific purposes. Some heroes reach their full potential in a team, while others benefit from the solo game. This guide will tell you the best class for a solo dungeon in Dark and Darker.

Best Solo Class in Dark and Darker

Players’ opinions split when they talk about the best solo dungeon class in Dark and Darker. Some players feel best using Barbarian, who can boast significant damage and high survivability, while others consider that the best solo class is Rogue. 

Even though both characters are extremely good in solo dungeons, Rogue seems to be the best option for solo players in Dark and Darker. Continue reading the guide, and you will discover why it is so. 

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Rogue in Dark and Darker

Rogue cannot boast significant survivability, but the attacking potential fully compensates for the weak points of this class. The main Rogue’s feature is great stealth stats that allow it to remain invisible even while dealing damage to the enemies. And if you use the special ability, you will become entirely invisible to all players

The only issue is that Rogue requires you to play carefully. You need to think every time you move and calculate the risks before action. For those players who feel uncomfortable with such gameplay, the best option is Barbarian, the opposite of Rogue. Barbarian is a short-range class that can boast survivability and great attack potential.

That’s it with the best class for Solo Dungeon in Dark and Darker. If you want to do your best in solo mode, Rogue is your choice. However, if you play Dark and Darker to relax, don’t hesitate to pick Barbarian. Just practice your dodging skills to be effective in close fights. And while you are here, make sure to check our guide on how to escape in Dark and Darker.

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Best Class for Solo Dungeon – Dark and Darker Guide


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