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How to Extract in Dark and Darker – Guide

How to Extract in Dark and Darker – Guide

Extracting in Dark and Darker becomes a significant problem if you get to the lower floors. Enemies become more powerful, and loot becomes less valuable, making the game more challenging. Read this guide to learn how to extract in Dark and Darker on different levels.

Extracting in Dark and Darker

The only way to extract loot in Dark and Darker is to use special extracting points. They are randomly spawned across the map. So, you are never guaranteed to extract successfully, even if you do everything needed.

Extracting points are marked with a noticeable Blue Headstone. Moreover, you will hear a unique sound if Blue Headstone spawns close to you. 

Once you see Blue Headstone, feel free to interact with it by pressing the F button to open the unique portal and leave the game with grabbed loot.

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Tips to Extract in Dark and Darker

It is always better to be safe than sorry while extracting in Dark and Darker. If you have collected pretty much resources and have a chance to extract them, don’t hesitate to leave the battle with resources. Otherwise, you can leave it as a loser. 

Playing Dark and Darker, watch carefully and turn on the volume. It might save your life if Blue Headstone spawns next to you. 

Take into account that if you activate Extract Portal, it will remain on the map forever. You will be able to return and extract later when you have more resources on you. However, Extract Portal works only once. So, be careful not to let other people steal your portal.

That’s it with extracting in Dark and Darker. If you follow tips from our guide, you will get resources from each round, even if you are at the lower, more complex floors. And while you are still here, make sure to check our guide on how to get arrows in Dark and Darker.

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How to Extract in Dark and Darker – Guide


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