How to Get Arrows in Dark and Darker – Guide


Dark and Darker drops multiple players into a dimly lit dungeon full of dangerous traps, deadly enemies, and of course lots of shiny loot. One of the playable classes is the classic Ranger, who uses bows to snipe enemies from afar. Today, we’ll show you how to get arrows in Dark and Darker.

Refilling your Arrows in Dark and Darker

The Ranger class is the only class that can utilize bows as their main weapon. Bows take a bit to ready up, but they can be very powerful weapons if you have a lot of space to work with.

A Ranger’s quiver can hold up to six arrows. You have an unlimited amount of arrows, but after you fire six of them, you’ll need to reload your quiver. You can reload your quiver by simply hitting the R key. Reloading is possible at any time, you don’t have to wait until you’re completely empty.

Keep an eye on your arrow count, so you don’t get caught with your pants down!

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Though this may seem obvious, the arrows actually functioned differently in the past. In the older play tests of Dark and Darker, Rangers never needed to reload—they could simply ready arrow after arrow.

Needless to say, this proved to be a little strong in some situations, so the developers decided to add in the reloading mechanic. Now, Rangers can only fire up to six arrow before they must reload.

When a Ranger is reloading, their movement speed slows down to a crawl, leaving them vulnerable to attack. The reloading animation also takes about two to three seconds to finish, so you really need to be aware of your arrows now.

That concludes our guide on how to get arrows in Dark and Darker. If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Get Arrows in Dark and Darker – Guide


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