How to use Pickpocket Perk in Dark and Darker – Guide


Dark and Darker is an interesting new first-person fantasy dungeon adventure from Korean developer Ironmace. Players dive into a dark dungeon full of deadly monsters and traps as one of the six classes, with one of them being the classic Rogue. Rogues get an intriguing perk called Pickpocket, and today we’ll show you how to use Pickpocket perk in our Dark and Darker guide.

Using the Pickpocket Perk in Dark and Darker

One of the Rogue’s starting perks is Pickpocket, and the in-game description reads, “You can steal an enemy’s item from the dungeon”. It doesn’t explain any more than that, so we’ll fill in the rest for you.

Before you delve into the dungeon, make sure you equip the perk first. The Rogue comes with Lockpick Expert equipped by default, so make sure to switch it out for Pickpocket.

Now, you’re ready to practice being a kleptomaniac! First, you’ll need to find an unsuspecting player. The Pickpocket action only works on enemy players, and not the monsters you find in the dungeon.

Once you’ve found someone, try to sneak up on them—perhaps wait for them to be busy with something else, like looting a corpse or opening a chest. Get close enough, and you’ll see an F prompt to pickpocket them.

Pickpocketing takes time, about as much time as it takes to open a chest, so start it and pray that the player doesn’t turn around. Note that pickpocketing counts as an action, so it will remove your stealth if you’re using Hide.

If you manage to complete the pickpocketing action, you’ll take a random item from the player’s inventory. You cannot pickpocket equipped items, and if the player’s inventory is empty, the game will prevent you from even trying.

That concludes our guide on how to use the Pickpocket perk in Dark and Darker. If you have any other tips or questions, let us know in the comments below!

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How to use Pickpocket Perk in Dark and Darker – Guide


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