How to Tame Wolves and Boars in Fortnite

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Wildlife roams the Fortnite map and provides players with fun and food. Chickens, Wolves and Boars can all be killed for meat, and can interact with players in their own way. Wolves and Boars were updated in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 as rideable animals if players can manage to tame them. Find out more below!

Taming Wolves and Boars

The trickiest to tame is the Wolf. It is a hostile creature who will generally hunt in packs, and if they see a player they will hunt them down and attack. The Boar, however, only attacks when startled and is happier to be left alone. If the Wolf is killed it drops 3 Meat, and the Boar drops 2 Meat and 2 Mushroom.

Taming both of these animals requires feeding or jumping on to their backs. The Boar is simpler to tame as it does not attack so much, making it easier to jump on its back. You can also feed the Boar produce like Cabbage or Apple to help tame them.

A tame Boar in Fortnite (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

The Wolves are a little trickier because they would rather eat you than let you jump on their back. To tame a Wolf, make sure you have a piece of Meat to throw at them. They will eat it, giving you time to jump on the Wolf’s back. You will know the animal is tame when hearts show above its head.

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You can find either animal wandering the map, usually near woods or farmland. Boars are usually alone while Wolves travel in packs. Boars can be recognised by their snuffles and squeals, and Wolves howl together, especially when they see a player to hunt!

Riding a Wolf in Fortnite (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

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The animals can sprint, and jump but they do get tired after a while. Watch out for the energy meter above the health meter on the left of the screen. When the animal is exhausted they can be left to rest, or fed produce and fish to revive them. They can also be healed with Chug Splash or Klomberries if they are hurt by other players or fall damage. We also discovered that you can bounce with the animal on the spiderwebs at The Daily Bugle, which is pretty funny.

Bouncing with a Boar at The Daily Bugle (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

That is everything you need to know about taming and riding a wild animal in Fortnite! Let us know in the comments below if you have managed to tame a wolf yet. Good luck and happy riding!

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How to Tame Wolves and Boars in Fortnite


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