How to Tame the Nine-Tailed-Fox in Rune Factory 5


There are lots of interesting RPGs that you can play on Nintendo Switch. Rune Factory 5 is one of the most outstanding ones, featuring lots of activities that you can do. One of the most interesting things that you can try to do in Rune Factory 5 is taming rare monsters. Nine-Tailed Fox is one of the bosses that you can fight and tame in Rune Factory 5. This guide will tell you how to tame it in Rune Factory 5.

How to Tame the Nine-Tailed-Fox in Rune Factory 5

Nine-Tailed Fox is one of the boss monsters in Rune Factory 5. This is one of the easiest bosses that you can fight, and you will encounter it early on. If you kill this monster, you will obtain a rare resource called Nine-Tailed Fox Bell. You can also tame this boss and use it as a good companion in your adventures.

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Taming the Nine-Tailed Fox in Rune Factory 5 is not a simple task. In order to do it, you will first need to find it. The Nine-Tailed Fox is located in the Whispering Woods. Go to Whispering Woods: Depths, where the boss arena is located.

After that, you should try to Brush it. You just need to do it till the Nine-Tailed Fox displays the music note icon. This icon signalizes that the boss is friendly to you. If it is friendly, you will be able to tame it. Just give the Nine-Tailed Fox some items that it likes. These are Tempura Udon, Tempura, Strawberries, and Nine-Tailed Fox Bells. If you fail to tame it, you will need to level your character up and try again.

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How to Tame the Nine-Tailed-Fox in Rune Factory 5


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