All Crystal Locations in Rune Factory 5

Rune Factory 5 Crystals

Rune Factory 5 is full of various collectibles that one must accumulate to progress in the game. Crystals are one of the collectibles in the game that players will require to exchange in numerous situations in Rune Factory 5.

Whether you want to speed up the crop growing process or give it to a farm dragon, Crystals have become a vital element of the Rune Factory 5. With that being said, players are now curious about where they can find Crystals in Rune Factory 5.

So without any further delay, here’s an essential guide for where to find every crystal.

Where to find Crystals in Rune Factory 5

Rune Factory 5 features 17 Crystals, having unique effects and uses. While many of them are dropped by enemies, players may need to buy the rest of the Crystals by spending gold, an in-game digital currency.

Here’s the location of Rune Factory 5 Crystals, along with their prices:

Green CoreUnknown Unknown
Yellow CoreUnknown Unknown
Crystal SkullUnknown Unknown
Blue CoreUnknown Unknown
Electro CrystalUnknown Unknown
Ice CrystalUnknown Unknown
Magic Crystal・ Ignis, etc. (Drop)
・ Lake Yumina (Search)
58 G
Fire Crystal・ Ignis, etc. (Drop)
・ Gadeus Grasslands (Search)
200 G
Dark Crystal・ Dragon Mummy, Dark Slime, etc. (Drop)240 G
Earth Crystal・ Moleguin, Gaias, Yellow (Drop)
・ Rigbarth (Search)
250 G
Love Crystal・ Fairy, Pixie (Drop)255 G
Wind Crystal・ Airror (Drop)
・ Phoros Woodlands (Search)
260 G
Water Crystal・ Crystal Shop (Shop)
・ Ice Griffin, etc. (Drop)
・ Rigbarth (Search)
300 G
Light Crystal・ Spirits, etc. (Drop)1200 G
Big Crystal・ Phoros Woodlands (Search)1600 G
Rune CrystalUnknown 9800 G
Small Crystal・ Fairies, Magicians, Dragons, Slimes (Drop)
・ Rigbarth (Search)
12000 G

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All Crystal Locations in Rune Factory 5


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