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How to Tame Parrots in Minecraft

How to Tame Parrots in Minecraft
Tamed parrots in Minecraft

While exploring the almost-infinite world of Minecraft, you will discover many creatures inspired by real-world animals. Minecraft features adorable wolves, cats, axolotls, horses, parrots, and many more types of tameable animals.

Out of all tameable animals, parrots are the only flying mob in Minecraft. These tropical birds come in different colors and spawn in the exotic jungle biomes. Parrots do not have a specific use other than decoration or aesthetic purposes.

But that’s no reason for not taming this adorable pet. Here is an easy guide to help you find and tame parrots in Minecraft.

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How to Tame a Parrot in Minecraft

The first step to taming any animal is finding them. Parrots are rare passive mobs that spawn naturally in jungles. You will have to locate these warm exotic biomes in order to get a parrot.

A parrot chilling in a jungle

Parrots can spawn in: 

  • Jungle 
  • Bamboo Jungle
  • Sparse Jungle

Explore these jungle biomes to find a parrot in Minecraft. You can find five different variations of parrot. To tame parrots, you will have to feed them seeds. You can use any of the following crop seeds for taming parrots: 

  • Wheat seeds
  • Melon seeds
  • Beetroot seeds
  • Pumpkin seeds

Do not worry if you forgot to bring any seeds. Jungles biomes are filled with grasses. You can just break them and obtain wheat seeds.

Taming a parrot

You will need to right-click or use seeds on a parrot to tame it. Keep feeding them seeds until hearts start appearing on top of the parrot’s head. Once hearts start coming out, the parrot is tamed.

Parrots also follow their owners like other tamed animals unless told to sit. You will have to be patient with them as parrots fly pretty slowly in Minecraft. Parrots can also perch on their owner’s shoulders and travel with them.

Like wolves or horses, parrots cannot help in day-to-day activities. Yet, they are a fantastic pet to have because of their adorable dance, mimicry, and ability to perch on players’ shoulders.

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How to Tame Parrots in Minecraft


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