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How to Take Pictures in Yandere Simulator | Tips & Guide

How to Take Pictures in Yandere Simulator | Tips & Guide
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During Yandere-chan’s obsessive quest to get senpai to notice her, she can use her photo to snap pictures of students and points of interest to gain valuable knowledge, ultimately winning senpai’s heart. Here’s how to take pictures in Yandere Simulator.

How to take pictures in Yandere Simulator

Taking pictures in Yandere Simulator is easy, as the control scheme loading screen explains. To take a picture, right-click and hold to bring up your phone. Move your mouse to aim the camera, then left-click to take the photo.

You can press the ‘E’ key to switch to selfie mode, where you can take some snazzy selfies. Any students that you get into frame usually strike a pose for added fun, so make sure to take some memorable photos!

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Your phone camera also comes equipped with a silly little augmented reality game that you can activate with the ‘SHIFT’ key. A pink-haired magical girl appears in the bottom left corner, and you can press ‘F’ to have to shoot out magical stars. It doesn’t do anything practical, but it’s fun to mess with.

Now, let’s get to the real purpose of the camera: collecting info on other students. Snap a photo with a student’s face clearly in the center, and send it to Info-chan for some background info. Make sure you see the student’s name in the top part of the screen, otherwise Info-chan will get confused.

The student data sheet includes things like their personality, reputation among their classmates, any clubs they might belong to, and any potential weapons they might be carrying.

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So, why is student info valuable? Well, the most important resource in Yandere Simulator is knowledge, because knowing everything about the student body is the key to making sure your master plan goes without a hitch, whether that’s committing a gruesome murder or starting nasty gossip about a certain student.

For example, the first rival Osana has a best friend named Raibaru. Raibaru’s personality is protective, and her self-defense potential is alarmingly listed as invincible, so if you try to make any moves on Osana, Raibaru will be all over you in a flash. Armed with this knowledge, you can resort to underhanded tactics to take care of her and avoid an unwinnable direct confrontation.

Since Yandere Simulator lets you choose how you want to take care of your rival, the path to senpai can either be very challenging or a walk in the park. Either way, you probably need to learn a lot about your rival and any neighboring students, and that’s what makes pictures important.

Now, go out there and start taking some pictures with your friends… or your enemies! If you’re looking for similar games to Yandere Simulator, be sure to check out our list of the best visual novels for iOS and Android for more yandere action. If you have any other questions about taking pictures in Yandere Simulator, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Take Pictures in Yandere Simulator | Tips & Guide