The Good Life is a new RPG game also called Debt Repayment RPG from the creator of the Deadly Premonition series. In addition to the main story missions, the player can complete side quests by photographing Rainy Woods for The Morning Bell newspaper. However, unlike ordinary quests, these are not marked, and the player must explore the game and find objects for taking photos. This guide will tell you how to find and photograph 10 sheep.

After completing the Faith in the Middle of Nowhere quest, you will receive a request from Lucy from The Morning Bell to find and photograph 10 sheep.

Where to Find 10 Sheep in the Good Life

As the name of the quest implies, it is necessary to find 10 or more sheep and that they would be next to each other since they also need to be photographed with special conditions. Each sheep should be clearly visible and not hide behind other sheep. Therefore, try to choose the best position so that the photo session is successful and everyone can be seen.

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To the east of the southern lake, near the road, you can find 10 sheep, we are not sure if it has any schedule as an NPC, but we found them there in the afternoon. Perhaps at another time, this small herd will be hiding in another location.

After finding and photographing the sheep, you must return to Naomi’s house and upload the photo to Flamingo. Your reward for your efforts will be £ 100.

One way to spend this money is to have a drink with the residents of the city at the local pub.

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