How to Dig in The Good Life

The Good Life is an adventure game with many different quests and tasks you can complete. These are sometimes based on Naomi’s ability to turn into a cat or a dog. Once in the game, you may need to dig up something for some quest or another purpose. This guide will explain how to dig in The Good Life.

How to Turn into a Dog in The Good Life

In order to dig something in The Good Life, you will need to turn into a dog. It is not difficult and you just need to play the main story until you get this ability. It will happen when you give the Golden Full Moon Fried Egg to William, prompting him to start talking nonsense. In this exchange, he will bore Naomi until she turns into a dog.

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The dog form in The Good Life gives you some interesting abilities, such as improving Naomi’s fighting and running skills. It also provides you with new abilities, like an opportunity to smell something. However, the one that we are concerned with is the ability to dig different things.

How to Dig in The Good Life

Digging in The Good Life may be quite a confusing activity to do. You can’t just start to do it in any place, so many players might assume that the game is bugged and dig command doesn’t work. However, it becomes much simpler when you realize that you can dig only in the places where you can find something.

When you want to dig something, you need to find the exact point where it is located. It will be marked with a white arrow when you approach it. Finally, when you come to a point-blank range, you will see the Dig button. Just press the button that is pictured on the icon and you will dig the thing you need.

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