LotR: Rise to War is a new mobile strategy game where you will need to conquer lands and build your kingdom. To make your territory bigger, you will need to take over different tiles. Tiles have their power marked with numbers, and those with the 200 power or more are quite problematic to take.

Tiles with 200+ are very useful and may provide not only you but your allies with significant advantages, like resources. But these are protected by strong armies, and defeating them is difficult. This guide will give you some tips on how to take 200+ power tiles in LotR: Rise to War.

How to Take 200+ Tiles

Taking 200+ tiles in LotR: Rise to War is not a simple task, but there are some hints you can use to make it easier. The first thing you can do before you attempt to take over the tile is to see what is waiting for you there. Usually, two armies are guarding 200 power tiles, and you can’t see their commanders and units. However, you can choose the weakest commander in your roster, then give him the weakest unit and send him for battle. This way, you will make an aggressive recon and see the first army.

When you know which units are waiting for you in the first army, you can prepare your commander and best units to achieve victory. Both armies guarding the tile will refresh after 15 minutes if you managed to damage them. So, you should act very quickly and send all possible forces to take over the tile.

A swarm attack is the best strategy here. Prepare your first army with the best roster to fight against the opposing first army and send it in. Next, send the second army with a universal roster to finish off the first one and fight the opposing second army. In case you didn’t manage to take over the tile with your second army, send the third one with your best roster and finish your enemies off.

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