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How To Stop Pui from Stealing Your Eggs in Story of Seasons

How To Stop Pui from Stealing Your Eggs in Story of Seasons
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The residents of Forget Me Not Valley all have colorful personalities, including ones like Pui and Daryl. Pui is the local drifter of town who claims to be from a mysterious island he’s trying to get back to. We don’t know too much about him, only that he’s a mooch and a thief. Occasionally, he’ll wander onto your farm and snag the eggs that your chickens lay. Fear not though, as there is a way to deter this petty thief off your farm. This is how to stop Pui from stealing your eggs in Story of Seasons.

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At the beginning of your game, you got a pet dog, and you could choose either a long-eared or a short-eared one. The pup makes a great pet and companion, and you can also train it. If you stand by them, you’ll see an option that says Train. Here, you’ll get options to teach them various tricks such as paw, jump, and spin. You can level up these tricks, and you can read their power in your dog’s social profile by pressing “X”. Make sure to do a little bit of this every day in order to boost their trick knowledge.

training a dog in story of seasons
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The reason that you want to train your dog is because if you do so, it has the potential to be a guard dog. If they are trained and Pui invades your farm, they will gladly chase him away for you. If your dog is not trained, they won’t react and Pui will steal the eggs. It won’t be the end of the world, as eggs aren’t that valuable of a resource compared to something like special milk. It’s always good to have a deterrent though and training your dog is so simple that you should. They may also deter Daryl.

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How To Stop Pui from Stealing Your Eggs in Story of Seasons