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Are Goats Worth The Price in Story of Seasons

Are Goats Worth The Price in Story of Seasons

In Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, you have your basic inexpensive self-sufficient animals like the chickens, and the ones that cost half your savings like the specialty cows. One that’s included in the latter is goats. At 40000 gold, they are one of the most expensive animals available. They are also rare, only available to purchase once a year. Taking all of these factors into play, are they really worth your money and effort or should you focus your entrepreneurship elsewhere as a farmer? There are plenty of other animals available, so it’s up to you. Are goats worth the price in Story of Seasons?

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Where To Buy Goats In Story Of Seasons

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Goats are not available through the ledger like most of the other animals. They can only be found once a year in the Spring twice a month when Van comes to town. If you miss out, you’ll have to wait until the following Spring to get one. Goats can only be female and can’t breed like other livestock. You can however buy a second female goat the following Spring. Because of their high price tag, it is recommended to hold off on getting one until you have the machine that makes milk into butter and cheese.

Are Goats Worth The Price Tag?

Whether you buy a goat or not really depends on the kind of farming you do. If you are someone who prefers to focus on raising nice crops and figuring out how to make the best hybrids, it may not really be worth it for you. They are, however, very valuable to a player who wants to raise the best kind of livestock that makes top-tier products. Goats milk is worth more than cow’s milk, so they are a must if you plan to become the ultimate dairy farm.

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Are Goats Worth The Price in Story of Seasons