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How to Stop Bamboo from Growing In Minecraft

How to Stop Bamboo from Growing In Minecraft
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Bamboo was the eleventh wood type to be added in Minecraft in the Trails and Tails update, and each block you create looks like dried bamboo tied with twine. It grows near water in jungles and in the jungle biomes but sometimes you may want to stop it growing indefinitely and we have some tips and tricks to help. Read on to find out how to stop bamboo growing in Minecraft.

How to Grow and Care for Bamboo in Minecraft

Bamboo plants grow and thrive near water and in particular in jungle biomes. These bamboo fields are inhabited by adorable pandas who can be encouraged to breed by feeding them the bamboo plant. Minecraft is as versatile as any other wood, but it is considered one of the most expensive. If you want to cultivate a bamboo farm, or keep your bamboo from growing too tall there is a way to keep them from growing.

Image via Mojang

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To stop bamboo growing any further you can use shears. Right click above the growing plants and they will stop growing further. The block will take on a slightly different texture but will be perfectly fine. It is also possible stop the bamboo growing by placing a non-bamboo block above the plant. It won’t grow through the new block. String or carpet can also do the job well and are less noticeable than a block.

How to use bamboo in Minecraft

To create bamboo blocks you should mine nine bamboo pieces and combine them in a crafting table. Two bamboo planks can then be created in the crafting table using one bamboo block. Bamboo planks can be placed in the crafting table to create bamboo slabs, which then create bamboo mosaic blocks, slabs and stairs.

Now you know how to grow and control your bamboo in Minecraft, you should have a thriving but controlled bamboo farm in no time!

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How to Stop Bamboo from Growing In Minecraft