How to Create a Bamboo Farm in Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft Bamboo

Bamboo is among the most useful crops in Minecraft. Players can use bamboo for breeding pandas, crafting scaffoldings, and as a fuel source. It can also be turned into sticks and then sold to cartographers for emeralds.

Luckily, bamboo farms are easy to build and are often suggested to new players. With a bamboo farm, players will have a constant supply of fuel and tradeable resources. This article shares a simple guide for creating a bamboo farm in Minecraft.

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How to make a Bamboo Farm in Minecraft

To build a bamboo farm in Minecraft, players will have to gather the following items:

  • Bamboos
  • Pistons
  • Observers
  • Hopper
  • Chest
  • Building blocks
  • Grass, dirt, or sand blocks

Bamboos are an essential requirement for building a bamboo farm in Minecraft. Like sugarcane, bamboos grow from their base and are farmed similarly to sugarcane. Players can find bamboos naturally in jungle biomes or inside loot chests in jungle temples and shipwrecks.

After obtaining all the necessary items, proceed with the following steps to build a bamboo farm:

Step 1: Build collection system

In this tutorial, we are building a basic automatic bamboo farm. One hopper and a chest will be sufficient to make the bamboo collection system. Place a hopper block and connect it to a chest.

Step 2: Plant bamboo

Building bamboo farm

The next step is to plant bamboo for the farm. Place a sand or dirt type block next to the hopper. On top of this block, plant a bamboo sapling.

Step 3: Add observer and piston

Building bamboo farm
Makje sure the observer and piston is placed, as shown in the image

Now, players have to place a solid block on the opposite side of the hopper. Place one piston facing towards bamboo on top of the solid block. Attach a block behind the piston and put redstone dust above it.

After adding the redstone dust, place an observer on top of the piston and make sure it is facing in the direction of bamboo.

Step 4: Enclose the farm

The farm is now almost ready. Now, players will have to cover the farm to prevent bamboos from scattering all over the place.

When the observer notices bamboo’s growth, it powers the piston to break bamboo. The broken bamboo is then collected by hopper into a chest. Players can make rows of multiple bamboo farms and gather all bamboos in one chest.

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How to Create a Bamboo Farm in Minecraft Bedrock


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