Minecraft Pandas

Minecraft Pandas were introduced to the Bedrock Edition via the Village and Pillage update in 2018. The neutral mob is rare, found only in jungle biomes, and spawns in groups of only 1 or 2. The panda’s personality has an effect on its appearance and behavior, and it is the only mob to have very specific breeding conditions. Use our handy guide below to find out how to breed pandas in Minecraft.

How to Breed Pandas in Minecraft

Pandas in Minecraft are a little like pandas in real life—fussy and difficult to breed. Minecraft pandas will not enter ‘love mode’ unless they are both surrounded by at least 8 blocks of bamboo within a 5-block radius. If these conditions are not met, they will just sit and eat the bamboo give to them and will not enter love mode. The pandas also require privacy to mate, so a player must not be too close when feeding or they will become hostile.

Two pandas eating bamboo. Image via MrJam003 Minecraft Wiki

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Pandas cannot be tamed, but they will follow a player if the player has bamboo or cake. If a player can entice a panda into a bamboo jungle with another panda and feed them both bamboo, they should enter love mode and breed successfully. The resulting baby panda will be a random mix of both parents’ looks and personalities.

Minecraft Baby Panda Sitting
Baby Panda in Minecraft

Tips and Hints:

  • Pandas spawn more commonly in Bamboo Jungles
  • 5% of pandas spawn as babies
  • 1-7 XP is dropped when breeding is successful
  • While laying on their backs, a lazy panda will not follow a player even if they are holding bamboo
  • Breeding two pandas with bamboo can give a player the Zoologist Achievement

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