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How to Start Terraria x Don’t Starve Together Crossover

How to Start Terraria x Don’t Starve Together Crossover

Recently, An Eye for an Eye update was released in both Don’t Starve and Terraria games. This is a crossover update, where each game has exchanged several objects and features. In this guide, we’ll show you how to play this crossover.

How to Start Don’t Starve with Terraria Update

Two bosses have been added to the game, as well as a new pet Friendly Peeper, food, recipes, and of course new themed skins.

To start the game you need to select new world settings and then find the Terraria Chest to get several new items, they are scattered all over the world. From it, you can get a new object. It looks like a crystal and with its help, you can summon new bosses.

The first boss is the well-known Eye of Terror. After defeating him, you will receive an Eye Mask. In addition, you can summon Twins of Terror duo if you suddenly get bored.

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How to Start Terraria with Don’t Starve Update

To access the new update, you will need to enter The Constant world seed into the field and create a new amazing world. The crossover has added a hunger feature to Terraria, so you’ll have to eat in order not to die. In the Ice Biome, you will find a new boss, Deerclops. Also, the chance for Don’t Starve Items like Lucy The Axe to drop will be increased. The world will also change, lighting shaders and world generation will be in the style of Don’t Starve Together. Darkness is now no less dangerous than monsters.

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How to Start Terraria x Don’t Starve Together Crossover


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