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How to Spend Mileage Points Properly in Cookie Run: Kingdom

How to Spend Mileage Points Properly in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom has a built-in pity system when it comes to its gacha mechanics. Every time you spend premium currency and pull for random Cookies, you will earn Mileage Points, which is a special currency that can be redeemed for helpful items and rare Cookies. Today, we’ll show you how to properly spend Mileage Points in Cookie Run: Kingdom!

How to Spend Mileage Points Properly

You earn Mileage Points whenever you pull Cookies or Treasures that have already reached their highest grade. Mileage Points can be exchanged for very helpful goodies in the Mileage Shop, including Soulstones and upgrade materials. Here’s the complete list, and keep in mind that all the Cookie Soulstones cost 100 Mileage Points each.

  • 10-min Speed-up: 23 MP
  • Treasure Ticket: 60 MP
  • Arena Ticket: 100 MP
  • EXP Star Jelly Lv. 5: 25 MP
  • Mango Cookie’s Soulstone
  • Lilac Cookie’s Soulstone
  • Pastry Cookie’s Soulstone
  • Red Velvet Cookie’s Soulstone
  • Fig Cookie’s Soulstone
  • Strawberry Crepe Cookie’s Soulstone
  • Black Raisin Cookie’s Soulstone
  • Almond Cookie’s Soulstone
  • Latte Cookie’s Soulstone
  • Espresso Cookie’s Soulstone
  • Kumiho Cookie’s Soulstone
  • Madeleine Cookie’s Soulstone
  • Rye Cookie’s Soulstone
  • Dark Choco Cookie’s Soulstone
  • Tiger Lily Cookie’s Soulstone
  • Milk Cookie’s Soulstone
  • Vampire Cookie’s Soulstone
  • Werewolf Cookie’s Soulstone
  • Herb Cookie’s Soulstone
  • Sparkling Cookie’s Soulstone
  • Mint Choco Cookie’s Soulstone
  • Purple Yam Cookie’s Soulstone
  • Licorice Cookie’s Soulstone
  • Pomegranate Cookie’s Soulstone
  • Poison Mushroom Cookie’s Soulstone
  • Chili Pepper Cookie’s Soulstone
  • Snow Sugar Cookie’s Soulstone

Your top priority is to establish a good team for clearing PvE (player versus enemy) content. If you don’t have a full team of five Epic rarity Cookies, you should consider spending your Mileage Points towards getting one of these Cookies’ Soulstones.

Licorice Cookie is a great choice all around, thanks to his Licorice Servants. Licorice Cookie summons his servants in front of the party, which means that they’ll absorb most of the damage meant for your Cookies. They also deal a surprising amount of damage, so they’re very helpful.

Dark Chocolate Cookie is a powerful frontliner, as his main skill allows him to deal damage and lower the defense of all enemies. The defense debuff makes it very easy to dispatch enemies quickly, so he’s a great choice if you still need a front row Cookie.

On the flipside, we also have Strawberry Crepe Cookie who is another strong frontlier. Her skill allows her to deal damage and give a big damage resist buff to the two allies with the lowest max HP, which can be pretty good in PvP and in some PvE areas.

Black Raisin Cookie is a great choice if you need more damage in your party. Black Raisin is an ambush-class Cookie, and her Shadow Watcher skill lets her deal massive damage to groups of enemies.

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Other than that, simply take a look at your favorite line-up and see what you’re missing. Prioritize getting strong defense and support Cookies, as they’re the backbone of your party.

Once you’re happy with your team, we recommend spending the rest of your Mileage Points on Treasure Tickets. Treasures are trinkets that provide your team with active and passive abilities during stages, and a good treasure can arguably be more impactful than a promoted Cookie. You’ll need to get duplicates of the same Treasure to level them up, so drawing lots of Treasure is a must for late-game content.

Of course, you can also hang onto your Mileage Points for future items. New Cookies join the Mileage Shop with every major update, so if there’s a Cookie you really want, it might be beneficial to hang onto your points.

And that’s how to spend your Mileage Points properly in Cookie Run: Kingdom! If you have any other questions or tips to share, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Spend Mileage Points Properly in Cookie Run: Kingdom


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