Cookie Rung: Kingdom is a game where you will need to build and develop your own Kingdom with a castle and lots of different buildings with variable purposes. Making your domain bigger will make you stronger, but it also means that you will need to build many buildings. Some of them are pretty common and don’t require something special while the other buildings will demand something specific. The bigger and stronger your Kingdom is the more extraordinary things you will need to build.

Jampie Diner is one of the buildings for producing materials. It is specialized in creating different items somehow connected with jelly. You will need to build this to progress in your Kingdom’s level. But, some players do struggle to understand how to build this one. So, this guide will tell you how to build the Jampie Diner in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

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How to Build the Jampie Diner in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Building the Jumpie Diner in Cookie Run: Kingdom is not very difficult and you will need to do it soon enough after you started the game. Eventually, you will get the Castle Mission that will require you to build one Jampie Diner in your Kingdom. After that, you will need to open the Buildings menu in the Construction Shop tab. There you can find Jampie Diner. In order to be able to build it, you will need to build the Jellyberry Orchard first.

The materials you have to spend on the Jumpie Diner are next: x24 Roll Cake Wood, x20 Sugar Cube, x3 Candy Saw, and x11,800 Coins. Also, it will require 45 minutes to be built. The later upgrades for the Jampie Diner will require different resources to be done, so don’t expect that it was all the materials you will need to spend on it.

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  1. idk if this is just me but, i need to upgrade my castle to level 5 right? and i need a orchard before i can get the Jampie Diner, but for me it says I can only get the orchard at level ten. So i cannot level up to 5 Help me


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