How to Speed ​​up Egg Hatching in NI No Kuni Cross Worlds


NI No Kuni Cross Worlds is an exciting role-playing game that has recently become available to players around the world. Traveling around the game world, completing tasks, and destroying your enemies, you will need good equipment and high character characteristics, but over time, even this will not be enough. To keep up with the pace of the game, you will need a lot of familiars that you get from eggs, and today we will tell you how you can speed up the hatching.

How to Speed ​​up Egg Hatching in NI No Kuni Cross Worlds

To get a familiar, you have to hatch their egg. There are many ways to get eggs in the game, so this won’t be a problem. But for the familiar to hatch, you have to wait a long time. Also, familiars of different levels can appear from eggs, and most often you will receive weak helpers. Therefore, fast hatching is vital for rapid progress in the game.

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To speed up the hatching of familiars from eggs, you will have to use the sands of time. To do this, go to the tab with active eggs and click on the egg whose hatching you want to speed up. Next, you need to double-click Reduce Time, after which the hatching time will decrease to zero.

The Sands of Time is an in-game item that you can obtain in several ways:

  • Buy at Shop, Moneyma’am Shop, and the Traveling Merchant.
  • With Release Familiar or Familiar Forest.
  • Records: Adventure Record – Treasure.
  • Challenge: Familiar’s Cradle.
  • By opening Al-Khemi’s Lucky Pot.

You can find out about all these ways to get the sands of time by clicking Reduce Time in the active eggs tab, and then clicking on the image of the sands of time.

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How to Speed ​​up Egg Hatching in NI No Kuni Cross Worlds


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