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How To Spawn Villagers In Minecraft

How To Spawn Villagers In Minecraft

The world of Minecraft is populated with tons of unique mobs. Out of all mobs, villagers are definitely the most useful mob in the game. Players can obtain numerous items by trading with villagers. However, players can have a hard time finding villagers as they spawn only at a few locations. In this guide, we will tell you all the ways to spawn villagers in Minecraft.

Minecraft Villagers Spawning Guide

Finding Villagers in Structures

What Are in Minecraft Village Houses?

Minecraft automatically spawns villagers in two places: villages and igloos with basements. In villages, players can find a bunch of villages living in tiny houses. On the other hand, a normal villager and a zombie villager can be found locked inside the basement of igloos. Players can use the golden apple and splash Potion of Weakness to cure the zombie villager and turn it into a normal villager.

Breeding Villagers

breeding villagers in minecraft PE

Once players have obtained two villagers, they can make them breed to spawn a baby villager. Breeding villagers is a little complicated compared to other mobs in Minecraft. Players have to give villagers enough food to spawn a baby villager while keeping an extra bed ready for the baby villager.

Spawning Villagers using Cheats

For players with no luck finding a village or igloo, cheating can be a way to get villagers. Players can switch to Creative mode and use villager spawn eggs to spawn as many villagers as they want in their world.

Other than Creative mode, players can spawn villagers using commands. After enabling cheats, paste the following command in the chat to spawn a villager:

  • Java Edition: /summon villager [position] [nbt]
  •  Bedrock Edition: /summon villager [spawnPos] [spawnEvent] [nameTag]

After getting villagers, players can use them to build iron farms or trade various items. Villagers can sell valuable items like emeralds, enchantments and diamond gears and purchase rubbish items like rotten flesh, sticks, etc.

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How To Spawn Villagers In Minecraft


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