How to Breed Villagers in Minecraft Bedrock Edition: Tips and Cheats


Villagers are easily one of the best mobs in Minecraft. You can trade various items from them, get experience points, create iron farms, and so on. Having more villagers is always great because of their versatility.

Like most passive mobs, villagers also breed in Minecraft. Breeding villagers is pretty complex compared to breeding other mobs, however, as feeding villagers isn’t enough to make them willing to breed.

Do not worry if your villager breeder is not working correctly or they are just unwilling to breed. We have created a simple Minecraft guide to help you produce villagers.

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Breeding villagers in Minecraft Bedrock

One of the first conditions a villager checks before breeding is the number of free beds. The villager’s AI checks for free beds in a certain radius. If your villager breeder is not working, the lack of beds could be a reason.

Breeding villagers (Image credits: YouTube/silentwisperer)

The following condition is food. You can give any one of these four food items to make villagers willing to breed:

  • 3 bread
  • 12 carrots
  • 12 potatoes
  • 12 beetroots

Don’t worry about giving more food as villagers can share it. Along with beds, you will need to stock up on crops for breeding villagers. Some players might think villagers only breed when they have professions, but that’s not the case. You can breed two jobless villagers and get a baby villager. 

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Follow these steps to make two villagers breed:

  1. Place three beds (two for parents and one for the future child).
  2. Bring two villagers.
  3. Isolate them in a room with beds and give them bread, carrots, potatoes, or beetroots.
  4. Wait for a few minutes, and Villagers will soon spawn a baby villager.

Automation makes things less dull. Manually breeding villagers is a time-consuming task. Instead of doing that, you can build an automatic villager breeder to get tons of villagers steadily. Using rail carts, you can take villagers from the breeder to anywhere.

Hopefully, this guide has cleared your doubts regarding villager breeding. Feel free to share any pieces of advice or tips in the comment section.

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How to Breed Villagers in Minecraft Bedrock Edition: Tips and Cheats


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