The Minecraft Baby Villager: What you Should Know

The Minecraft Baby Villager: What you Should Know

Villagers are friendly mobs that inhabit villages and work in their professions that the player can interact with. Their appearance changes depending on the biome in which the village is located, as well as the level. The player can trade with the villagers using emeralds as currency. They also have children, and in this guide, we will tell you all the known information about baby villagers in Minecraft.

Everything You Should Know About Baby Villagers in Minecraft

Baby villagers roam the village randomly looking for other children to play with. When there are two or more of them, they walk after each other for a while, and sometimes they run, imitating a game of catch-up.

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Baby villagers enter and leave houses at will, jump on beds. Sometimes they stop and stare at the iron golem. If the golem is holding a poppy, then the children can take the flower from its hands.

In addition, baby villagers give poppies to players who have the Hero of the Village effect (this can happen in Java Edition only). Besides this, baby villagers in Bedrock Edition have a slightly larger head than in Java Edition.

Children are 1 block tall. Just as other creatures in the game, they become adults 20 minutes after birth.

This is everything you should know about them. Good luck!

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The Minecraft Baby Villager: What you Should Know


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