Minecraft villages are inhabited by passive mobs of villagers who work, interact, and breed. 15 different types of villager can be found, including 13 varieties of villagers with jobs, and two without. The two villager types without jobs are unemployed villagers and nitwits- nitwits can only be spawned or born, with baby villagers having a 10% chance of growing into a nitwit. The unemployed types can be assigned jobs at jobsites while the nitwits cannot.

A villager’s profession is indicated by an extra feature added to their base appearance such as an apron or hat, and can be confirmed by checking out the trading interface when interacting with them. The villager’s base appearance also changes in every biome they spawn in, and depending on which trade tier they are at. Their trade tier is shown on their belt as a different material: stone, iron, gold, emerald, and diamond.

A trading interface for an apprentice farmer

Jobs are assigned when an unemployed villager claims an unclaimed jobsite block that stands within a village that also contains a bed. Each career has its own specific jobsite block:

15 Villager Types:

Villager TypeJobsite BlockClothing
UnemployedNoneNo extra features
NitwitNoneGreen coat, no badge
FarmerComposterStraw hat
FishermanBarrelFisher hat
ShepherdLoomBrown hat, white apron
FletcherFletching tableHat w/feather, quiver on back
ClericBrewing standPurple apron, creeper cloak
WeaponsmithGrindstoneEyepatch, black apron
ArmorerBlast furnaceWelding mask
ToolsmithSmithing tableBlack apron
LibrarianLecternEye glasses, book as hat
CartographerCartography tableGolden monocle
LeatherworkerCauldronBrown apron, brown gloves
ButcherSmokerRed headband, white apron
MasonStonecutterBlack apron, black gloves
A librarian with the lectern jobsite block

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Players can trade with villagers for emeralds or various items relating to their trade, for example a farmer will wheat, fruit, and vegetables and sell you pies and cakes. When they are not trading or breeding, villagers are at work either at their jobsite block or in some cases like the farmer, they are doing activities related to their jobs such as planting crops. Halfway through the working day working villagers do what any good villager does- they meet up with others (at the Bell found usually in the centre of the village) to mingle and chat, share food, and breed.

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